Standard Headroom workstation Jib Cranes

1/4 to 3 ton Capacity

180 Degree Rotation

With or without column Mounting Prackets

Low Headroom workstation Jib Cranes

500lb. to 6,000lb. capacity

180 to 220 degree rotation

Easily Relocated

Affordable Workstation Cranes

500lb. to 4,000lb. capacity

Easily Relocated

Complete Turnkey Systems

Crane Runways and Columns

Supporting Structures

Your Crane Supplier of Choice

Emergency Hoist and Crane Services

We Service all Make and Models

24/7 Emergency Repair Service

In need of help from overhead material handling specialists? From providing your crane of choice to repairing your hoist or crane, inspecting your equipment and providing your staff with crane and hoist operator training to help you comply, The Dressor Group does it all. How can you be sure we offer quality that you’ll be satisfied with? Most of our products are manufactured directly by us or imported by us direct from the factory, which gives us more control over the quality and cost of the products we have to offer you than most other lift equipment companies. End your search for reliable jib crane manufacturers and gantry crane manufacturers here. We offer quality cranes at a price you can afford.