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Basic Crane Terminology

Author: Capacity –The maximum weight the crane will be required to lift. Span –The horizontal distance between the rails of the runway on which the crane is to travel. Lift or Hook Height –The required distance from the floor to the crane hook. This dimension is critical in mostaaa
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AC Variable Frequency Drives

Author: Installation of a VFD allows full variable speed control of any motor. Existing motors can be single speed, 2 speed, squirrel cage, tapered rotor, or wound rotor configuration. VFD’s virtually eliminates wear and tear to the braking system, as the motor is electrically braked by using the regenerativeaaa
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Apollo Remote (Radio) Controls Parts

Model Function (single speed) C1-4PB U/D, E/W C1-6PB U/D, E/W, N/S C1-8PB U/D, U/D, E/W, N/S C1-8PB/AB U/D, E/W, N/S, A and/or B C1-8PB/AL U/D, E/W, N/S, Alarm/Light C1-10PB U/D, U/D, E/W, E/W, N/S C1-10PB/AB/IO U/D, E/W, N/S, A or B, On/Off C1-10PB/AB/AL U/D, E/W, N/S, A and/or B, Alarm/Lightaaa
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Electrical Panels Parts

Is your crane constantly breaking down? Why not let us totally redesign your electrical panel? All new, more durable components will save you money!
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Armstrong LiftMag – Lifting MagnetsParts

Designed and made for holding, carrying and releasing flat or round ferrous parts without any electrical power supply Standard Features NL-B Permanent Lifting Magnets Rated Lifting Capacities of 330, 660, 1320, 2200, 4400 lbs 3 times safety coefficient Safe and easy operation Compact yet powerful Constant and stable magnetic poweraaa
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