Jib Crane – Wall Bracket Series WB-180

The excellent design and heavy duty construction of SWL jib cranes provide a superior quality product that will offer years of long term value.
All SWL jib cranes are pre-engineered for powered hoist operation. The hoist and trolley allowance is 15% of the capacity.

    Nature of Enquiry


    Bolt Mounting Pattern

    1. Do not deviate from “B” dimension
    2. The “W” dimension indicates the size S-beam to be used. If a cap channelneeds to be stitch welded to the top of the S-beam, the letter “C” will follow the S-beam size. The last number indicates the size of the cap channel.
    3. The diagram to the right, details the thrust and pull forces that this jib craneapplies to the supporting structure when a load is lifted. The chart above detailsin pounds the thrust at point T and the pull at point P. It is essential that astructurally adequate wall, column or truss exist to support the jib crane.
    4. One tie rod required per crane. Tie rods threaded 6 inches on each end.

      Nature of Enquiry