Considerations you take to choose the right hoist for your business application, such as: manual/powered operated, suspension type, height, headroom, operating time, frequency of usage, load capacity, travel distance and speed, … etc., can be tedious, confusing and even overwhelming. Our material lifting design engineers and sales professionals will work closely with you to recommend the most efficient hoist for your specific applications. You can have the peace of mind of purchasing the efficient solution to suit your business needs while focusing on your business objectives.

At the Dressor Group, we take pride that over the years we have acquired extensive experience in the field of manufacturing and importing material handling equipment for over 30 years. We strive to continuously research and develop our range of hoisting products to fulfil the needs of today’s customer requirements.

As an experienced crane manufacturer, we will provide you with the precise hoist and crane that will solve your overhead lifting problems at affordable pricing.

We provide a wide variety of hoists with different technologies and different makes. Our hoists come with capacities ranging from 125 kg through to 25,000 kg. We guarantee our hoists to be of highest quality for increased safety and longer life span with minimum maintenance required.

Becoming our customer means we are in business together. Through the after sales and technical support we offer, we can extend our experience to your staff through training and online/phone help with a dedicated 24/7 line for emergency calls.

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