Workstation Crane

Thank you, Dressor, for the time-saving “Workstation Crane” you installed at our glass door plant. This has made lifting and handling the glass so much easier; now it only takes one man to do the job.

Frank Doors and More

Enclosed Track Workstation Crane

Thanks again, Dressor, for the “Enclosed Track Workstation Crane” you installed at our Thornbury Plant. Our guys can’t believe how easy the crane moves. Fully loaded, they can push it with one finger.

Rob at BTI

Great Work!

Your electricians are totally amazing and very qualified. Our electricians worked for two days trying to find a short; your electricians found it in two hours. Great work!

Chad, Hutchinson Industries

Major Accomplishment

We have over 100 cranes in our Pratt & Whitney plant in Mississauga where we build jet engines. Dressor has been providing inspection services and emergency repair service for over 25 years—and all with an unblemished safety record. Given that our safety standards and training requirements are so high, this is a major accomplishment. Congratulations, Dressor!

Scott / Pratt & Whitney Canada

We love Dressor’s unique, free-standing jib cranes

We love Dressor’s unique, free-standing jib cranes. Most models up to 1 ton capacity with 12 feet under boom and no more than 14 foot span can be installed using chemical anchors. This is a huge saving of over $5,000 per jib. Nice work, Dressor.

Brian at Spirax-Sarco

Keep up the good work

We had been using several different crane service companies over the past five years and none of them could solve the problem we kept having with one crane.
We decided to give Dressor a try, and we’re glad we did. They solved that problem and many others—and at less cost than the previous service companies!. Keep up the good work, Dressor!

Sasho at Tubular Steel

Solve our material handling problems

The sales staff at Dressor recommended a Gantry Crane to solve our material handling problems. It cost much less than a complete overhead system and met our budget requirements. It moves easily around the shop and it gets the job done.

Kevin at Stinson Equipment