Workstation Cranes

Product Hghlights

Standard Features

  • End stops
  • One coat of primer on structure and bridge
  • Two coats of grey enamel on structure
  • Two coats of safety yellow on bridge
  • 16” square base plate with gussets
  • Hollow structural steel columns for stronger stability
  • A325 structural bolt assemblies
  • All welding conforms to CSA W59 and W47.1
  • All primers and paints used are water based environmentally safe products.

Optional Extras

  • Round cable festooning for bridge crane
  • Round cable festooning for runway(four post systems only)
  • 4-bar conductor system for runway only (six and eight post systems)
  • Hand chain hoist and trolley
  • Electric chain hoist, chain container and trolley
  • Anchor bolts and epoxy glue
  • Stamped engineered drawings (Canada Only)

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