European Electric Chain Hoists

Product Features

  • High Efficiency and Safety
  • Sensitive and Fast Performance
  • Flexible Action and Accurate Positioning
  • Longer Service Life
  • Fast and Simple Maintenance

The Dressor European Electric Chain hoist with has flexible action and accurate positioning. Lord stood up quickly and efficiently.

In practical terms, Dressor European Electric Chain service life is extended by approx.20%in comparison with the conventional 2m classification for chain hoists FEM rating .This results in significantly prolonged time between service intervals and general overhauls. This extra operating life is only offered by our European Electric Chain.

Dressor European Electric Chain all main drive components, such as gear box, brake and
clutch are made by a special process and are very durable. The brake has 5 years free
maintenance. This hoist has a long working life with high quality even in busy work.

Overhead Cranes

Product Hghlights

  • Steel Construction
  • Fixed height capacities up to 5 tons
  • Adjustable height capacities up to 3 tons
  • Designed for positioning materials along the beam’s length.
  • Durable materials provide years of service.
  • Designed for semi-permanent or permanent applications.
  • Hoist and trolley sold separately.
  • Height adjustment at six inch increments

Workstation Cranes

Product Hghlights

Standard Features

  • End stops
  • One coat of primer on structure and bridge
  • Two coats of grey enamel on structure
  • Two coats of safety yellow on bridge
  • 16” square base plate with gussets
  • Hollow structural steel columns for stronger stability
  • A325 structural bolt assemblies
  • All welding conforms to CSA W59 and W47.1
  • All primers and paints used are water based environmentally safe products.

Optional Extras

  • Round cable festooning for bridge crane
  • Round cable festooning for runway(four post systems only)
  • 4-bar conductor system for runway only (six and eight post systems)
  • Hand chain hoist and trolley
  • Electric chain hoist, chain container and trolley
  • Anchor bolts and epoxy glue
  • Stamped engineered drawings (Canada Only)

Dressor Wire Rope Hoists

Product Highlights

  • 53 load capacity options
  • Low-headroom European designed foot mounted, monorail hoists or double girder trolley hoists
  • U-shape makes for compact dimensions
  • Largely maintenance-free, low wear, service life
  • Equipped as standard with two hoisting and travel speeds Particularly smooth starting and braking
  • Standard high-quality safety components for increased safety