Armstrong LiftMag – Lifting Magnets

Designed and made for holding, carrying and releasing flat or round ferrous parts without any electrical power supply

Product Highlights

  • NL-B Permanent Lifting Magnets
  • Rated Lifting Capacities of 330, 660, 1320, 2200, 4400 lbs
  • 3 times safety coefficient
  • Safe and easy operation
  • Compact yet powerful
  • Constant and stable magnetic power

Apollo Remote (Radio) Controls

Product Highlights

Model Function (single speed)
C1-4PB U/D, E/W
C1-6PB U/D, E/W, N/S
C1-8PB U/D, U/D, E/W, N/S
C1-8PB/AB U/D, E/W, N/S, A and/or B
C1-8PB/AL U/D, E/W, N/S, Alarm/Light
C1-10PB U/D, U/D, E/W, E/W, N/S
C1-10PB/AB/IO U/D, E/W, N/S, A or B, On/Off
C1-10PB/AB/AL U/D, E/W, N/S, A and/or B, Alarm/Light
C1-12PB U/D, U/D, E/W, E/W, N/S, N/S
C1-12PB/AB/IO/AL U/D, E/W, N/S, A or B, On/Off, Alarm/Light
Function (dual speed)
C2-4PB U/D, E/W
C2-6PB U/D, E/W, N/S
C2-8PB U/D, U/D, E/W, N/S
C2-8PB/AB U/D, E/W, N/S, A and/or B
C2-8PB/AL U/D, E/W, N/S, Alarm/Light
C2-10PB U/D, U/D, E/W, E/W, N/S
C2-10PB/AB/IO U/D, E/W, N/S, A or B, On/Off
C2-10PB/AB/AL U/D, E/W, N/S, A and/or B, ALARM/LIGHT
C2-12PB U/D, U/D, E/W, E/W, N/S, N/S
C2-12PB/AB/IO/AL U/D, E/W, N/S, A or B, On/Off, Alarm/Ligh

Stahl Wire Rope Hoists

Product Highlights

  • 5 frame sizes, 26 load capacity variants
  • Stationary design or different trolleys and crabs for cranes and systems manufacture
  • U-shape makes for compact dimensions
  • Largely maintenance-free, low wear, service life
  • Equipped as standard with two hoisting and travel speeds
  • Particularly smooth starting and braking characteristics
  • Standard high-quality safety components for increased safety at work
  • Optionally available in explosion-protected design in compliance with ATEX and IECEx

The SH wire rope hoist programme has been the embodiment of perfection in lifting and crane technology all over the world for many years. Compact, high-performing and particularly maintenance-friendly. Users, crane manufacturers and system manufacturers appreciate the modular system based on field-proven, low-maintenance components. Series manufacture of the standard components means economic advantages for you. And this combined with precise manufacture of off-standard components makes the SH wire rope hoist a widely acknowledged top quality product.

The modular system permits practically unlimited combinations of the sub-assemblies to produce your individual solutions. The SH series from STAHL CraneSystems is available for the load capacity range from 500 kg to 25,000 kg in five frame sizes with 26 load capacity variants. The wire rope hoists can be used as stationary models or together with a trolley or crab in standard cranes, off-standard cranes or systems manufacture. If your requirements are exceptional, the experts in our engineering department will develop customised solutions tailored to them.

Various off-standard designs are available for use in particular conditions. IP 66 protection for example is required for outdoor use without a protective roof or if the hoist is exposed to water jets. If there is a danger of the formation of condensation, or in arctic temperatures, space heaters are required. Even in explosive atmospheres you do not have to manage without the SH wire rope hoist. On request, the entire wire rope hoist programme is available in explosion-protected design for Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 or Zone 22. It’s no coincidence that we are market leader for explosion-protected lifting technology and crane components.